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Native Trees of Canada

56 x 72cm
pen on paper


The drawings below are a selection from a series of drawings based on ‘Native Trees of Canada’. In mythology, trees often represent a connection between worlds, an axis mundi connecting earth and sky and are an important part of the structure of the universe. These drawings of trees suggest the point of disappearance or crossover between known and unknown worlds. They are landscape drawings of visible and non-visible realities.


Black Ash

Rock Elm

Alternate-Leaved Dogwood

Ponderosa Pine

Striped Maple

Blue Alder
I found myself lost in an unusual forest. The trees in the distance were behaving strangely. I tried to approach a faraway tree, but no matter how far I walked, I could never reach it. I kept walking, without knowing that I was slowly fading from sight. I could still see the tree in the distance, but the tree could no longer see me. The closer I got, the slower the world moved past me.