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Antlia, etc  

dimensions variable
pencil on paper


Antlia, etc is a series of drawings based on constellations. Five of the potential 88 drawings are shown below. They grew from my interest in constellations as an intersection between the scientific reality of nature and mythology. Both are systems we've created to describe reality and each is incomplete. The relationships between the stars in each constellation don’t exist; in fact, many of those stars are millions of light years apart and only appear to be connected from our perspective on Earth. I drew all of the stars within each constellation boundary and then drew lines connecting every star within those boundaries. The resulting images contain the original constellation, though it is buried beneath all of the other possible options.

The writing on the drawing comes from a combination of texts regarding myth tales or scientific data associated with those particular constellations.


(Vulpecula- little fox) rapidly rotating/ the time it took the object to reappear  
(Crater- the cup) resting and waiting/ 9pm  

(Ursa Minor- the little bear) the leaves of the forest turn red/ two billion years long

(Lyra- the lyre) between 6000 and 8000 years old/ swooping or falling
(Serpens Cauda- the serpent's tail) brought back to life/ split into two halves